We’re delighted to let you know that plans for the Solar Farm have been dropped! The scheme’s developer, MS Power Projects Ltd, have confirmed to Heskin Old Hall Farm that they will NOT be submitting a formal planning application to Chorley Council for the construction of a       Solar Farm on their land.  For more details, please click HERE.
26th February 2016

“Celebrations as solar farm plans dropped”

Who we are?

We are a group of concerned residents who wish to protest against the proposed siting of a 60 Acre 11 Megawatt Solar Array on rural farm land in Heskin and  Mawdesley.

Why 34 FP?

60 Acres is roughly 34 football pitches.

Do we hate solar power?

No we fully realise the need for sustainable energy and support solar power. Our objection is based on the following

  1. Development on green belt land
  2. Visual impact of such a large industrial installation
  3. Impact on local wildlife
  4. Increased traffic along small rural roads
  5. Impact on rural recreation
  6. Impact on local business

Supporting organisations:

CPRE              http://www.oss.org.uk/wp-content/themes/oss-2013/images/oss-logo.png